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Coronet Blockchain
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How it all started

After evolving a brand operating out of a handbag into a 4 bricks & mortar branches, the 500 dollars started brand reached 2 million USD revenue & employed a team of 40 within 36 months. More brands across Africa demanded the same success.

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A bigger industry demand sent us back to the drawing boards

After this overwhelming demand and incoming clients had similar challenges we were yet to solve. We started asking: how do we deliver the same success and create this impact at scale? How do we solve the current problem and deliver a solution to the incoming clients faster than 36 months? Our focus became: how do we create a solution that can be used in multiple industries

Creative Working
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Industry wide challenges also faced by our incoming clients from across the African continent

The industry we were working in was experiencing over 40% Counterfeits.



Due to trust burdens retailers source products in person to avoid ending up with counterfeits

Fragmented SC

The supply chain was largely fragmented with thin industry standards and business systems

Coronet Blockchain

Sustainable entrepreneurship: Stickability (openness & transparency)

Imagine a start up that can show you in less than 10 seconds how their business has been doing in the past 18 months, exact customer, how often they return: without an expensive software. It will be very easy to: grow or franchise , sell if they want to move on, get funding to expand & leave legacy for their children. 

Local Business Partners
Coronet Blockchain
Checking Lettuce Growth

Delivering Impact at: scale & with agility (affordably)

Transforming industries: targeting industries with most employment i.e. Agriculture, Textile/Fashion and Beauty.

Supply Chain Inclusion: Levelling the ground for the inclusion of SMEs in mainstream economy and increase their supply chain participation.

Access to market: we make it easy for startups and scale ups to access new markets, grow their businesses and access trade finance.

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